We provide special services to help FP7 & Horizon 2020 funded research projects to:

  • - Raise awareness about their objectives
  • - Promote their advances & results
  • - Exploit their final outcomes.

This usually goes through gaining visibility and understanding from different defined and targeted audiences. To do so, communicating towards the key players related to the project (stakeholders, end-users, policy-makers, technology developers, service providers…) is a prime need. Then, we use modern PR techniques, based on social media tools, to reach the relevant media or influencial online communities and amplify the messages. To us, EU citizens are also a key target audience to consider. Indeed, they are taxpayers and should know what their money is spent with. Therefore, we pay a specific attention to adapt our content in an understandable manner.

To ensure meeting the communication objectives, we set up and plan a specific strategy. For each target, we adapt the messages and use the most appropriate means to reach them. And of course, we always measure and evaluate the actual impact of our actions.

We are able to lead & manage all communication actions from the beginning of your project till the end, including the following tasks:

  • - Plan for dissemination & use of knowledge writing & editing
  • - Project website
  • - Project dissemination kit & Media kit
  • - Traditional & Social media PR strategy & management
  • - Focus groups management
  • - Training, workshops & summer schools management
  • - Video, educational 2D & 3D animations, infography production
  • - Content with several levels of popularization writing & editing
  • - …

Partnering with us means for you increasing your proposal success-rate, strengthening your consortium team, and in the end: giving your project the impact it disserves to fully succeed.